Introduction to the Law of the European Communities From Maastricht to Amsterdam

Full Title Introduction to the Law of the European Communities From Maastricht to Amsterdam
ISBN 9041196668
ISBN13 9789041196668
Publisher Kluwer Law International
Authors P.J.G. Kapteyn
P.Verloren Van Themaat
Edition 3

This is the long-awaited third English-language edition of the definitive work Introduction to the Law of the European Communities. It incorporates the fifth Dutch edition (from 1995) and has been further revised in cooperation with the editors of that edition to take account of developments up to the spring of 1998. The work examines and critically analyses the developments in the whole field of the law of the European Communities, and includes the legal aspects of the second and third pillars of the European Union as well.

The book provides a detailed study of the current state of European Community law, including observations on the outcome of the Amsterdam Treaty. It deals authoritatively with the institutional, procedural and substantive law aspects of Community Law and also covers the historical, political and economic background. Particular attention has been paid to the most recent developments in the movements towards Economic and Monetary Union and the important changes in the social policy provisions adopted in the Treaty of Amsterdam. The principal aim of the publication is to provide an up-to-date reference work for legal practitioners, both professional and academic, and to deepen understanding of the complex nature of the interactions between the various aspects of Community Law.

As the previous editions have shown time and again, this major reference work is of immense value to all concerned with the law of the European Communities, from high-level adminsitrators to students.

Subjects Europe - Law
Europe - Politics & Government


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