Let's Try it Out: 2-Book Set

Full Title Let's Try it Out: 2-Book Set
ISBN 1936503484
ISBN13 9781936503483
Publisher Seymour Science
Authors Seymour Simon
Overview LET'S TRY IT OUT! In the Air and In the Water

A special 2-book set of Nook Kids books, full of fun-filled activities that encourage young children to use familiar and safe objects found in their homes or classrooms to make observations about the world around them...In the Air and In the Water. (Ages 3 to 8).

In this innovative series for young children, acclaimed science writer Seymour Simon and Nicole Fauteux encourage children to explore the world around them as they play. Each book contains tips for parents and caregivers on how to create positive learning experiences for even the littlest of scientists.

Subjects Study Aids - General & Miscellaneous


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