American Hegemony: Preventive War, Iraq, and Imposing Democracy

Full Title American Hegemony: Preventive War, Iraq, and Imposing Democracy
ISBN 1884853048
ISBN13 9781884853043
Publisher Academy of Political Science
Authors Demetrios Caraley
Overview The so-called Bush Doctrine, immediately manifested in the invasion of Iraq, effectively declares the right of the United States to engage in preventive war to eliminate the possibility of any challenges to U.S. world primacy. This series of eight essays, presented by Caraley (editor of Political Science Quarterly) and written by such prominent foreign policy intellectuals as Samuel Huntington, Joseph Nye, and Fareed Zakaria, explores the lessons of the recent exercise in preventive war and examines the implications of the doctrine for American power and democracy. Among the topics and arguments presented are the Iraq war as constitutional failure, media misinformation of the public following September 11th, the eroding of American soft cultural and economic power, and the impossibility of imposing democracy from above, Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
Subjects Foreign & International Law - General & Miscellaneous
Terrorism - Policy & Prevention
U.S. Diplomatic Relations - General & Miscellaneous
U.S. Politics & Government - 2000-Present
Diplomacy - General & Miscellaneous
United States - Military Policy


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