Mastering the Microsoft Foundation Class Library Using Symantic C++

Full Title Mastering the Microsoft Foundation Class Library Using Symantic C++
ISBN 1850328501
ISBN13 9781850328506
Publisher Cengage Learning
Authors Richard O. Parker
Edition 1
Overview Real-world software development increasingly begins not from scratch, but with an application framework such as The Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC). The MFC is a valuable tool for developing sophisticated Windows applications: by supplying pre-written code that implements many of the intricate areas of application, it removes most of the drudgery in programming for Windows. It also includes provisions for detecting errors and halting the program long before a serious problem can develop. For the first time, this book will present both the static and dynamic structure of the framework, with code samples that illustrate the framework's role in solving real-world programming problem. Mastering the MFC for Windows 95 will benefit both the beginning and seasoned Windows developers who are making the transition from writing procedural C-based applications to those employing object-oriented concepts, written in C++. While most other books focus on the C++ language itself, this book shows the reader how to use that language (and the MFC in particular) to create complex Window applications efficiently and elegantly.
Dimensions 7.40 (w) x 9.22 (h) x 1.52 (d)
Subjects C/C++
General Software Engineering


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