Cherubs in the Land of Lucifer: Personal and Professional Encounters with Death

Full Title Cherubs in the Land of Lucifer: Personal and Professional Encounters with Death
ISBN 159113885X
ISBN13 9781591138853
Publisher, Incorporated
Authors Phillip Van Gordon
Overview We live in an age of wonders. Medicine can cure some cancers…bring people whose hearts have stopped back to life. We can take a fetus and grow it up into a person. This is not science fiction, this is medicine today. Cherubs follows one man's journey, from the farms in North Carolina to this incredible miraculous world of modern medicine. It is a coming of age story that is written within the same genre as All Creatures Great and Small and House of God. It is about a doctor and his dying infant patients; a son and his dying father; and a country that daily struggles to reconcile its modern death-stopping technology with the reality that sooner or later, people must die. The back drop for this book is a preoccupation with the experience of death. As a physician and an educator, Dr Gordon has an ulterior motive for wanting the American public to explore this topic. Medicine is fast becoming a mushrooming bureaucracy in which there is ever-increasing specialty and anonymity…pulling doctors away from their patients. In medical education, house staff duty hours have become more humane, but there is a tendency towards newer generations to view medicine as shift work. There is, simply put, a growing loss of patient ownership in each successive generation of American physician. This is not a dry book about policy or medical history. One reader said, HOLY COW, it's riveting. This is GOOD. yetch, that snake--very good. I can practically smell the damn thing...and the minute you introduced the vipers I knew something would happen. Great sense of foreboding. Another said, The introduction caught my breath and the Sin of the Serpent had me in tears. Thank you for writing this. You really have a gift for putting your experiences into very meaningful words.
Dimensions 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.61 (d)
Subjects Physicians
Physicians - General & Miscellaneous - Biography


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