Your Son

Full Title Your Son
ISBN 1453593675
ISBN13 9781453593677
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Authors George Vogel
Overview Parenting
Why Invest The Time?
Building your son's resume is not just about your son's future, it is about YOU and
the most rewarding exciting act of love you will most likely ever experience.
The Resume
A resume is not just an accumulation of one-liners, they are years of valuable
activities and experiences your son will not only remember and cherish but will be
the foundation to build his future upon.
You will discover how to:
? Build your son's resume rather than just trying to fi nd items to include
after it is too late.
? Prepare a plan for activities so your son is not overlooked or left out.
? Find ways to beat the system that seems not to be in your son's favor.
? Write and plan your son's road map to success.
Preparing for the future makes a
more meaningful today
Subjects General & Miscellaneous College Guides


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