Models of Achievement

Full Title Models of Achievement
ISBN 1410600718
ISBN13 9781410600714
Publisher Taylor & Francis, Inc.
Authors Edited by Agnes N. O'Connell
Overview This outstanding book contains inspiring stories of late 20th century women who broke new ground in psychological knowledge and its applications. The lives and careers of 53 women are examined within social and historical contexts using three levels of analysis--the individual, the group, and the universal.

The thoughtful autobiographies and the perceptive, integrative analyses increase understanding of the personal and professional development of these women, provide insights into their patterns of achievement, and illuminate new ways of thinking about and perceiving women.

This extraordinary book is a valuable resource for libraries and researchers, provides knowledge and inspiration for a wide range of readers, and is an excellent supplementary text for courses in the psychology of women, history of psychology, lifespan development, career development, and women's studies.
Subjects Psychology - History
Reference - Psychology


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