Plant systematics

Full Title Plant systematics
ISBN 0878933778
ISBN13 9780878933778
Publisher Sinauer Associates
Authors Judd, Walter S.
Edition (CD-ROM)
Dewey decimal 580.1/2
Overview Text on endpapers.Accompanying CD-ROM has title: Photo gallery of vascular plants. Version 3.Accompanying CD-ROM contains over 3,100 color photographs depicting a wide variety of plants from over 185 families and over 1,900 species. Many species are represented by multiple photographs showing different views of the plant, its flowers, its fruits, and its habit.Includes bibliographical references and indexes.1. The Science of Plant Systematics -- 2. Methods and Principles of Biological Systematics -- 3. Classification and System in Flowering Plants: Historical Background -- 4. Taxonomic Evidence: Structural and Biochemical Characters -- 5. Molecular Systematics -- 6. The Evolution of Plant Diversity -- 7. An Overview of Green Plant Phylogeny -- 8. Lycophytes, Ferns, and Gymnosperms -- 9. Phylogenetic Relationships of Angiosperms -- Appendix 1. Botanical Nomenclature -- Appendix 2. Specimen Preparation and Identification.
Language eng
Dimensions xv, 611 p. : ill. (some col.), col. maps ; 29 cm. + 1 CD-ROM.
Subjects plants classification


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