What Is a Reptile?

Full Title What Is a Reptile?
ISBN 0871569302
ISBN13 9780871569301
Publisher Sierra Club Books
Authors Robert Snedden
Oxford Scientific Films Staff
Edition 1

What makes a reptile a reptile? How can creatures as different as chameleons and crocodiles belong to the same class of animals? Rattlesnakes that sidewind across the desert floor are reptiles. But so are flying geckos that glide through the air to escape their enemies and giant sea turtles that propel themselves through the water using flipperlike feet. So what exactly is a reptile? Answering that question isn't as easy as it might seem, but What is a Reptile? makes solving the puzzle fascinating and fun.

Dimensions 7.50 (w) x 10.00 (h) x 0.12 (d)
Subjects Animals - General
Children - Animals


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