Nietzsches Ethical Theory: Mind, Self and Responsibility

Full Title Nietzsches Ethical Theory: Mind, Self and Responsibility
ISBN 0826498744
ISBN13 9780826498748
Publisher Continuum International Publishing Group
Authors Craig Dove
Edition 1

This important new book explores the ethical theory of Friedrich Nietzsche in light of recent work done in the philosophy of mind.
Craig Dove examines issues of free will, communication, the way in which we construct the self, and the implications of all these for ethics. After dismissing what he calls the 'soul hypothesis', Nietzsche is left with a problem: how do we explain the sense of unity and continuity most of us experience as our identity? Drawing on recent work in cognitive science and philosophy of mind, this study shows that Nietzsche's tentative suggestions in the late nineteenth century have been supported by late twentieth century research. Arguing that work done in the philosophy of mind by Paul Churchland and Daniel Dennett helps to illuminate Nietzsche's positive ethical doctrine, Dove goes on to show that recent work has not adequately thought through the implications for ethics, while Nietzsche has already accomplished precisely that. This is an important and original contribution to an ongoing debate.

Dimensions 6.20 (w) x 9.30 (h) x 0.70 (d)
Subjects Mind
Philosophy of
Ethics & Moral Philosophy - Theoretical
19th Century German Philosophy


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