Two Incomes and Still Broke : It's Not How Much You Make, but How Much You Keep

Full Title Two Incomes and Still Broke : It's Not How Much You Make, but How Much You Keep
ISBN 0812925696
ISBN13 9780812925692
Publisher Times Books
Authors Linda Kelley
Overview Linda Kelley demonstrates how to keep close track of every expenditure in two-income families, obvious and not-so-obvious: child care, personal upkeep, transportation, meals, time-savers, quick shopping as opposed to smart shopping, federal taxes (Uncle Sam's hearty meal), state taxes (courtesy of Uncle Sam's hungry nephews), Social Security, deductible job expenses, perks (the freebies that can cost you money), and more. Armed with the results of your analysis, you may even find that those extra paychecks are actually costing you money! Or you may discover that working fewer hours or at a lower-paying and less stressful job will in the end give you a higher standard of living. Knowledge is power; no matter what your financial situation or goals, this book's clear-eyed analysis will help you figure out where the money is going so that you can make an informed decision about what works for you. Filled with numerous examples from couples with various salaries and job situations and enlivened with a sense of wit from someone who has lived all the options, Two Incomes and Still Broke? is an indispensable tool for helping you achieve the quality of life you want.
Dimensions 5.83 (w) x 8.59 (h) x 0.88 (d)
Subjects Family Relationships
Family Finance


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