Ink Sandwiches, Electric Worms, and 37 Other Experiments for Saturday Science

Full Title Ink Sandwiches, Electric Worms, and 37 Other Experiments for Saturday Science
ISBN 0801874106
ISBN13 9780801874109
Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press
Authors Neil A. Downie
Edition 1
Publish Date 2003-09-29
Binding Paperback

How do you make a clock out of an ice cube? Send messages using bubbles? Make money using a tube that waltzes? This collection of curious and offbeat science experiments provides the answers to these and thirty-six other fascinating questions. Accomplished physicist and science writer Neil A. Downie covers a range of phenomena, from the rocking and rolling that drives a waltzing tube; to the fluid mechanics of a coffee-cup rev counter and biceps made from balloons; to the simple chemistry of red-hot batteries and wet solar cells. For each experiment, he provides historical anecdotes about the relevant phenomena, a list of equipment, detailed instructions, and a full explanation - requiring only high-school mathematics - of the science behind the procedure. For those intrigued by any experiment, he includes follow-up suggestions, which describe ways to tinker with the initial recipe.

This collection of lively experiments, with complete explanations and simple mathematics, will appeal to high-school science teachers, inveterate tinkerers, amateur scientists, or anyone looking for a project for the next science fair.

Dimensions 7.50 (w) x 9.38 (h) x 0.90 (d)
Subjects Science Experiments - General & Miscellaneous
Science - General & Miscellaneous


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