Where the Kissing Never Stops

Full Title Where the Kissing Never Stops
ISBN 0763626961
ISBN13 9780763626969
Publisher Candlewick Press
Authors Ron Koertge
Overview When a teenage boy's widowed mom gets a job as a stripper, it makes for some tricky social maneuvering in this coming-of-age story from the wonderfully witty Ron Koertge.

Anyway, Sully said, I've got just what you need to take your mind off your troubles.
Thirty pounds of chocolate decadence?
A girl.
I don't need a girl.
You do. Now more than ever.
And what would I tell her my mother did for a living?

Life has not been easy lately for sixteen-year-old Walker. His father has died, his girlfriend has moved away, and the family finances are in a shambles. Finally it seems as if things are looking up: Walker has a date with Rachel, the beautiful new girl in his class, and his mother has announced she's gotten a job. Only not your average, run-of-the-mill mom's job. Walker's mother is going to work as a stripper. What if his friends find out? What if Rachel finds out? Coincidentally, Walker's dad has left him a piece of land on which Rachel's father is scheming to build a mall, and after seeing the land, Walker goes about the hard work of farming it - and the hard work of being in love for the first time. Propelled by Ron Koertge's rapid-fire repartee, this is the funny and touching tale of a winningly honest protagonist discovering the perils and rewards of family, friendship, and romance.

A high school junior who is having trouble with his father's death, his mother's new job as a stripper, and his own libido meets a new girl who, despite their ups and downs, makes life seem pretty wonderful after all.

Dimensions 4.75 (w) x 7.13 (h) x 0.70 (d)
Subjects Teen Fiction


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