Squeal and squawk

Full Title Squeal and squawk
ISBN 0761451609
ISBN13 9780761451600
Publisher New York : Marshall Cavendish c2004.
Authors Susan Pearson
Edition Hardcover Edition
Publish Date 2004-03-01
Binding Hardcover

Cows give us milk, for ice cream and cheese. But my dog gives me kisses, and tail wags ... and fleas. Welcome to the barnyard! Eighteen rollicking poems explore the lives of farm animals. From a limerick about a rooster in love with a duck to an ode to the lazy life of a cow, these comically illustrated rhymes take a humorous look at our squealing and squawking animal friends

Dimensions 8.92 (w) x 11.24 (h) x 0.41 (d)
Subjects Poetry - Animals
Farm Animals


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