I Have to Give a Presentation, Now What!

Full Title I Have to Give a Presentation, Now What!
ISBN 0760729123
ISBN13 9780760729120
Publisher MetroBooks
Authors Jude Westerfield

So, you've got a command performance--a talk that, for your professional success (or personal satisfaction), absolutely must wow the crowd. From getting motivated to preparing the final draft, this how-to guide will make the event a triumph. See how to deal with nerves and build confidence (remember--you're the expert, that's why they're coming to listen to you). Figure out who your audience will be, and their level of knowledge. Think about how long you have to speak, and then.start traveling down the preparation time line! Gather information and anecdotes, add humor to win listeners over, follow the standard format shown here to structure the speech, and figure out the best style for the occasion. Of course, the sound of your voice is important, so practice--and check out what microphones can do to help. Use visuals well, work with Powerpoint, and remember: appearances matter. Most important: the top five signs you're losing the audience!

Subjects Public Speaking
Meetings & Presentations
Stress & Anxiety Management - Self-Help


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