The Hitchcock romance

Full Title The Hitchcock romance
ISBN 0691040559
ISBN13 9780691040554
Publisher Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1988.
Authors Lesley Brill
Overview Was Alfred Hitchcock a cynical trifier with his audience's emotions, as he liked to pretend? Or did his public persona conceal a profoundly humane artist? Most film commentators have let Hitchcock's self-assessment go unquestioned. Lesley Brill, however, presents another view -- that of Hitchcock as a deeply conventional, thoughtful, and rather softhearted filmmaker, whose movies convey an affectionate, hopeful understanding of human nature and the redemptive possibilities of love. In an accessible study that speaks to all Hitchcock enthusiasts, as well as to film professionals, Brill discusses Hitchcock's work as a whole and examines in detail twenty-two of the film perennial favorites like North by Northwest to neglected masterpieces like Rich and Strange.

Through Hitchcock's thrillers there is a sense of romance and comic feeling that this author explores.

Subjects Film Genres
Film History & Criticism


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