Navigating Nonfiction Grade 1 Student WorkText

Full Title Navigating Nonfiction Grade 1 Student WorkText
ISBN 043978302X
ISBN13 9780439783026
Publisher Scholastic, Inc.
Authors Scholastic
Edition Student
Publish Date 2007-04-01
Binding Paperback
Overview As students progress through the grades, more and more of their reading is done in nonfiction, or expository, materials-content area textbooks, reference books, periodicals, and informative articles on the Internet, for example. Because the main purpose for reading these texts is to acquire information, the reasons for teaching our students efficient and effective strategies for tackling this type of text are compelling. Students need explicit instruction in identifying and best utilizing the text features and text structures they encounter. If students learn to read the signposts that are guides to the organization of a particular piece of nonfiction, they will be better equipped to navigate their way through and comprehend the material.

As a complete nonfiction reading worktext program, Navigating Nonfiction will help students get the most out of this genre.

Student WorkText:

* contains 30 weeks of instruction: 15 scaffolded instructional units of 2 weeks each

* follows a simple, 2-step unit organization. Step 1: Read Aloud, which incorporates a focus text feature and text structure. Step 2: independent reading, which includes a Student MiniBook with a focus text feature applied. For use with Grade 1.

Dimensions 8.20 (w) x 10.80 (h) x 0.30 (d)
Subjects Teaching - Reading


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