Delusional Relationships: How They Are Formed, How They Falter and Fail

Full Title Delusional Relationships: How They Are Formed, How They Falter and Fail
ISBN 0275950107
ISBN13 9780275950101
Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
Authors Averil Marie Doyle
Edition 1st Edition

This volume describes how culturally transmitted messages delude people about who they are and what they want in relationships. Expectations of mates, children, parents, friends, and business associates are based on stereotypes and misperceptions, and are therefore delusional. Our current educational system has failed to provide adequate information on relating, communications, and self awareness. As a result, disturbed or failed relationships continue to be a major source of pain and conflict. The results of gender based enculturation are graphically depicted. Both males and females will immediately acknowledge the process as similar to their own. The family system is discussed, clarifying the indelible imprint of early learning on subsequent relationships. Presented from inside the people experiencing delusionary relationships, this book gives the reader an opportunity to understand and identify with the process of attraction, relationship formation, disturbance, and restructuring. Depictions of therapy and treatment are included which furnish guidelines for restructuring delusional relationships with or without professional assistance.

Dimensions 6.38 (w) x 9.59 (h) x 0.92 (d)
Subjects Schizophrenia & Other Psychotic Disorders


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