The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Babylonian Epic Poem and Other Texts in Akkadian and Sumerian

Full Title The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Babylonian Epic Poem and Other Texts in Akkadian and Sumerian
ISBN 0140449191
ISBN13 9780140449198
Publisher Penguin Group (USA)
Authors Anonymous
Andrew George
Edition Reissue
Publish Date 2003-04-29
Binding Paperback

Originally the work of an anonymous Babylonian poet who lived more than 3,700 years ago, The Epic of Gilgamesh tells of the heroic exploits of the ruler of the walled city of Uruk. Not content with the immortality conveyed by the renown of his great deeds, Gilgamesh journeys to the ends of the earth and beyond in his search for eternal life, encountering the wise man Uta-napishti, who relates the story of a great flood that swept the earth. This episode and several others in the epic anticipate stories in the Bible and in Homer, to the great interest of biblical and classical scholars. Told with intense feeling and imagination, this masterful tale of love and friendship, duty and death, is more than an object of scholarly concern; it is a vital rendering of universal themes that resonate across the ages and is considered the world's first truly great work of literature.

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Subjects Ancient Fiction & Literature Classics
Epic Poetry
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