The Undaunted Psychologist: Adventures in Research

Full Title The Undaunted Psychologist: Adventures in Research
ISBN 0070415315
ISBN13 9780070415317
Publisher McGraw-Hill Inc.,US
Authors Gary G. Brannigan
Matthew R. Merrens
Edition 1
Overview This book recounts the adventures of fifteen psychologists who encountered research situations that were especially interesting or problematic and required some creative form of resolution. These personal, engaging narratives provide genuine insight into the psychological research process in such basic areas as development, biopsychology, sensation and perception, learning, memory, language, intelligence, motivation, consciousness, personality, psychopathology, psychotherapy, and social psychology. These researchers, working in many areas of psychology and in diverse settings, describe their activities and the motivations for their research. Their lively anecdotes and personal reflections illuminate how neurosurgery is conducted and brain function examined, how personality assessment instruments are devised, how psychotherapeutic techniques are developed, how military personnel are trained, and how premature infants are helped to thrive, among other discoveries. Students and general readers will enjoy sharing the triumph as well as the heartbreak that is experienced in the name of science and recounted here with humor, humanity, and passion.
Dimensions 6.39 (w) x 9.25 (h) x 0.47 (d)
Subjects Research - Psychology


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