Privacy Policy

The information we collect depends on whether you have an account with or not and whether you are currently logged in or not. The icon at the top navigation bar visually represents your status.

Regardless of the information we collect we take pride in never looking for personally identifyable details. We may look for generic trends to aid in planning, but these trends by their definition always represent averages of many visitors and are never based on individual records.

We do not share any information we collect with any third parties, unless required to do so by law.

Anonymous Users Anonymous visitors

Anonymous visitors are represented by a gray face icon in the navigation bar. When you see that icon that means we do not know who you are and we collect only generic request logs. Information in the logs may include your IP address, type of browser that you use and what site you came from to This information alone is not enough to identify you.

Verified Members Verified members

If you see a bright smiling face at the navigation bar that means you have an account with and you have recently verified your identity (logged in). The web engine knew who you are when it was rendering the page and the content of the page might have been altered to your preferences.

We may use information you enter to provide better recommendation or otherwise improve and enhance your experience with

Recognized Members Recognized members

If you see a dim smiling face in the navigation bar that means your computer is sending us a member identification, but since you did not log in recently we are not sure if this is still really you. This may happen if you make a significant pause in using the site. In this state some areas of the site may not be available unless you log in with your password and e-mail.

The content of site pages may still be altered according to preferences of the member the web site "thinks" you are. If this is not what you want you may log out to reset to anonymous state.

Changes to this privacy policy

Whenever we make a change to this policy we post an announce to the news section of the web site. Please check the news section periodically or subscribe to the news RSS feed to be in the know of updates.

Thank you!