Recent News Items

  • Feb-28-2017 - ISBNdb Undergoing Updates
    ISBNdb is currently undergoing maintenance. Please expect service interruptions.
  • May-24-2013 - Notification Emails
    Why am I getting these emails?
  • May-23-2013 - May 2013 - System Upgrades
    If you are experiencing trouble from our recent update, please let us know.
  • Jan-21-2011 - API Extra Requests & Transaction History
  • Aug-02-2008 - API Usage Statistics Available
  • Sep-29-2006 - Perl API wrapper package
    New CPAN-released perl package to access's API -- WebService::ISBNDB by Randy J. Ray.
  • Aug-09-2006 - API updates
    API updates: search books by Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classifications; retrieve author IDs and names.
  • Jul-28-2006 - Historical prices is now showing historical prices since Dec/2004 along with the current prices.
  • Feb-06-2006 - API extensions
    The's remote access API now allows queries on subjects, publishers, authors, and categories.
  • Jan-30-2006 - Two millions books indexed
    Yet another milestone on free books database -- two millions unique book ISBNs in the database.
  • Dec-06-2005 - Search spell-checker
    Searches on are now passed through a custom spell-checker.
  • Feb-23-2005 - New ways to search
    Searching in book summaries and combined searches are now available.
  • Dec-04-2004 - Price comparison & availability
    You can now get instant prices & availability information from thousands of used & new books sellers.
  • Nov-01-2004 - Browsing similar books
    Browse to similar books, see topics authors write about, etc..
  • Jul-31-2004 - One million books!
    Long awaited milestone -- one million unique ISBNs in the database.
  • Jul-12-2004 - First 7-digits in the statistics!
    Today we have crossed one million library records milestone.
  • Jun-29-2004 - New combined search!
    New streamlined search that combines books, subjects, authors, and publishers under a single click of a button.
  • Jun-17-2004 - Dewey Decimal & Library of Congress
    Dewey Decimal Classification is back along with a new feature -- Library of Congress Classification. Both allow to browse Books on the Same Shelf to find related books.
  • Jun-10-2004 - New structure, interface changes
    Long anticipated subject browser replaces most of the former categories now. Categories are better organized in addition to some other interface changes.
  • Feb-18-2004 - Continuous updates, more books
    Search indexes are now updated incrementally which allows us to load new books non-stop. Re-load the front page and chances are you'll see new books every couple of minutes.