Browsing similar books

21:15:40 01-Nov-2004

Another long anticipated feature became available a couple of days ago -- similar books.

Practically all books in the database (almost 90%, more than a million books) now display very relevant similar books. Top three matches are shown on the book summary page, the rest is available on a separate page.

For instance, if you look at Terry Pratchett's "Thief of time" you can see some of the other books of the Discworld cycle right there on the book's summary page. If you click on to see all similar books you are going to get many more, including those written by different authors.

Another change allows you to see what topics an author has books on. Whenever you get to an author's page you will see a list of subjects this author has books on. You can then see books on any particular subject by this author or browse the alphabetically ordered list of all books. For instance, Bill Clinton's books range from authobiography to health insurance to bureaucracy and more.

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