Search spell-checker

02:19:43 06-Dec-2005

In tune with modern usability recommendations now offers spelling corrections for search keywords. We believe that is the first book information site to offer such service.

Spelling suggestions are custom tailored to the search index used -- the same word can be corrected to a different variations depending on whether you search on book titles or on authors. Suggested spelling are guaranteed to produce at least one result when searched on. When appropriate the spell-checker offers up to two spelling variations.

For instance spelling suggestions for "proteni" include "protein" and "protean" in book titles search and "porten" and "pruden" in authors search.

This feature is most useful for author name misspellings. In most cases it is enough to type in what the author name sounds like to get it corrected to the real author name. For instance, "Zigmund Freud" would get corrected to the proper spelling of "Sigmund Freud".

Based on open-source Aspell spell-checking software our spell-checker is capable of correcting missing letters, misplaced letters, similarly sounding words (in English only for now), etc.

If you have suggestions or comments, please let us know. Thank you!