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This book was previously published as special issued of Third World Quarterly, v.28, no.2 (2007). Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. The Long War: insurgency, counterinsurgency and collapsing states / Mark T. Berger and Douglas A. Borer -- 2. Part 1. The Long War and the comparing and modelling of insurgency counterinsurgency and collapsing states: From 'Shock and Awe' to 'Hearts and Minds': the fall and rise of US counterinsurgency capability in Iraq / Kalev I. Sepp -- 3. From collapsing states to neo-trusteeship: the limits to solving the problem of 'precarious statehood' in the 21st century / Richard Callan -- 4. Engaging or withdrawing, winning or losing? The contradictions of counterinsurgency policy in Afghanistan and Iraq / Andrea M. Lopez -- 5. The battle for Iraq: Islamic insurgencies in comparative perspective / Glenn E. Robinson -- 6. Less is more: the problematic future of irregular warfare in an era of collapsing states / Hy S. Rothstein -- 7. Things come together: symbolic violence and guerrilla mobilisation / Gordon H. McCormick and Frank Giordano -- 8. Things fall apart: the endgame dynamics of internal wars / Gordon H. McCormick, Steven B. Horton and Lauren A. Harrison -- 9. Part 2. The Long War and the future of insurgency, counterinsurgency and collapsing states: The end of war as we knew it? Insurgency, counterinsurgency and lessons from the forgotten history of early terror networks / John Arquilla -- 10. The misleading problem of failed states: a 'socio-geography' of terrorism in the post-9/11 era / Anna Simona and David Tucker -- 11. Caudillos and the crisis of the Colombian state: fragmented sovereignty, the war system and the privatisation of counterinsurgency in Colombia / Nazih Richani -- 12. The insurgency of global empire and the counterinsurgency of local resistance: new world order in an era of civilian provisional authority / Timothy W. Luke -- 13. The last empire? From nation-building compulsion to nation-wrecking futility and beyond / Radhika Desai -- 14. All roads lead to and from Iraq: the Long War and the transformation of the nation-state system / Douglas A. Borer and mark T. Berger.


  • Dewey Decimal: 303.66

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  • Language: eng
  • Physical Description: ix, 275 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.


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