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This is Course Number 3150 which contains 6 DVDs and one large Course Guidebook. Each of the 36 lectures are 30 minutes in length. Course Lecture Titles 1. A Meditation on Empire 2. Lands, Seas, and Sources 3. Sargon and the Dawn of Empire 4. The Third Dynasty of Ur 5. The Empire of Hammurabi 6. Mitanni and the Kassites 7. The Rise of Hatti 8. The Government of Hatti 9. Hatti at War 10. The Climax and Collapse of Hatti 11. The Rise of the Egyptian Empire 12. The Imperial Army and Administration 13. The End of the Egyptian Empire 14. The Minoan Thalassocracy 15. Mycenae and the Dawn of Greece 16. The Collapse of the Mycenaean World 17. The Birth of Israel 18. The Empire of David and Solomon 19. The Dawn of Assyria 20. The Rise of the Neo-Assyrian Empire 21. The Government of Assyria 22. Assyria at War 23. The Climax and Collapse of Assyria 24. The Neo-Babylonian Empire 25. The Rise of the Persian Empire 26. The Outbreak of the Greek Wars 27. Xerxes and the Invasion of Greece 28. From Plataea to the Peace of Callias 29. The Persian Empire from 450 to 334 30. The Government and Army of Persia 31. Alexander and the Fall of Persia 32. The Origins of Carthage and Its Empire 33. Ruling and Defending Carthage's Empire 34. The First War with Rome 35. Hannibal and the Fall of Carthage 36. Ancient Empires before Alexander, and After

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  • Physical Description: 5.3"x7.5"x2.2"; 1.1 lb
  • Edition Info: DVD-ROM; 2009

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