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Publisher: Scholastic Inc
ISBN10: 0545016282 ISBN13: 9780545016285 DDC: 790.1/94 LCC: GV1204.997


How to do an ollie -- How to fly a helicopter -- How to perform a card trick -- How to survive in space -- How to lose your head -- How to make a one-sided circle -- How to fight off a crocodile -- How to swim freestyle -- How to play a blade of grass -- How to be a VIP -- How to tie three essential knots -- How to avoid being eaten by a bear -- How to play the toilet paper roll -- How to spook your family -- How to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation -- How to fool your friends with toothpicks -- How to eat in a fancy restaurant -- How to serve like a Wimbledon champion -- How to get rid of hiccups -- How to mummify an ancient Egyptian -- How to rip a phone book in half -- How to race stick boats -- How to see through your hand -- How to write a quick poem -- How to get out of quicksand -- How to make a simple raft -- How to teach a parakeet to talk -- How to hoot with your hands -- How to speak in code -- How to make a balloon dog -- How to build a campfire -- How to tie a tie -- How to annoy your brothers and sisters -- How to take a penalty kick -- how to hypnotize a chicken -- How to treat stings -- How to climb a palm tree -- How to be first off the starting block -- How to play a trick on the whole class -- How to write a secret message -- How to read a compass -- How to fall without hurting yourself--much -- How to pop a wheelie -- How to take the best photos -- How to tie a knot without letting go of the ends -- How to survive a volcanic eruption -- How to juggle -- How to read someone's mind -- How to save the world -- How to make a squealer -- How to repair a flat tire -- How to make a water bomb -- How to tell if a person is lying -- How to do a cartwheel -- How to write a letter -- How to bunny hop -- How to shake off a tail -- How to lasso like a cowboy -- How to make a volcano -- How to find orion -- How to bend it like beckham -- How to make a water clock -- How to freeze a finger -- How to stump a know-it-all -- How to be a math master -- How to warm up your feet -- How to climb a rope -- How to make a boomerang -- How to dowse for water -- How to take a jump shot -- How to make fire -- How to speed-read -- How to survive an earthquake -- How to locate a thunderstorm -- How to make a paper airplane -- How to row a boat -- How to tell which way is north -- How to get an egg into a bottle -- How to tie a knot with one hand -- How to ride a unicycle -- How to draw a cartoon -- How to write a limerick -- How to milk a cow -- How to dribble a basketball -- How to keep people in suspense -- How to keep a secret journal -- How to prove you're not bigheaded -- How to send a message by semaphore -- How to find fossils and treasure -- How to test your telepathic powers -- How to be the best all around the world.


  • LCC: GV1204.997
  • Dewey Decimal: 790.1/94

Book Details

  • Language: eng
  • Physical Description: 118 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.


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