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Publisher: Furnas Press
ISBN10: 1406707554 ISBN13: 9781406707557 DDC: 790 Edition: Paperback; 2007-03-15


GAMES BY JESSIE H. B AN CR OFT, M. P. E. FELLOW, AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE FELLOW, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FELLOW, AMERICAN PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. FORMERLY DIRECTOR PHYSICAL TRAINING, BROOKLYN PUBLIC SCHOOLS FORMERLY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR PHYSICAL TRAINING, PUBLIC SCHOOLS, NEW YORK CITY. AUTHOR OF THE POSTURE OF SCHOOL CHILDREN Revised and Enlarged Edition of Games for the Playground, Home, School, and Gymnasium THE MACMILLAN COMPAN NEW YORK M C M X L V-I I Revised Edition Copyrighted, 1937, By THE MAC MILL AN COMPANY. Copyright in the Philippine Islands All rights reserved no part of this book may be repro duced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages in connection with a review written for inclusion in magazine or newspaper. Printed in the United States of America Set up and electrotyped. Revised and enlarged edition, published December, 1937. Reprinted January, 1938 January, 1939 April, 1939, May, 1940 February, 1942, April, 1942 Octo ber, 1942 April, 1943 December, 1943, May, 1944 October, 1944 July, 1945 March, 1946 March, 1947 November, 1947. Published and copyrighted 1909, by The Macmillan Company Copyright renewed 1937 by Jessie H. Bancroft. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE FOREWORD vii INTRODUCTION 3 To THE TEACHER OF GAMES . .27 COUNTING-OUT CHOOSING SIDES AND TURNS WHOS IT 41 ORGANIZED ATHLETICS 49 MISCELLANEOUS ACTIVE GAMES 57 SOCIAL AND QUIET GAMES 269 STUNTS AND CONTESTS FEATS AND FORFEITS . . .325 SINGING GAMES 343 GAMES FOR ONE OR TWO 381 BEANBAG GAMES 389 BALLS AND How TO PLAY THEM 407 BALL GAMES 425 TRACK AND FIELD EVENTS 657 INDEX 667 FOREWORD The changes in this book consist mainly of additions, required by the amazing spread of the play spirit and its practical appli cations in education and community life since the book was first issued in 1909. So thoroughly is the material in the original collection a part of game programs that but few items could be eliminated without lessening the usefulness of the volume but the wider use now made of many games that were not in the original book, the invention by instructors of many other games whose popularity warrants their inclusion, together with many finds from new research in foreign countries, constitute the sources from which new material has been derived. To each section of the book new games have been added. Most significant perhaps is the need for including the major ball games, such as regulation Football, Basketball, Hockey r and other highly organized athletic games. When this book was first pub lished these advanced games were issued in a separate volume, as appealing to a distinct field, mainly of older players but these games are no longer the exclusive quarry of the college, or the sporting club for adults. They have sifted down through the high school to the elementary school, the playground, and the camp, in a way that indicates great increase of skill among both players and instructors. Similarly, interest in simpler recreative games and sports has become so general among players of all ages that both types of games, the simple and advanced, are now needed within the same covers. Major ball games have, in this period, undergone a marked evolution. There is scarcely one that has not had numerous changes either in rules of play, size of teams, the lay-out of court or field, specifications for equipment, or all of these details. Tn some instances the very vocabulary has changed. No simple vii viii Foreword transfer from the earlier volume was therefore possible, and the major games here presented have been newly written and brought up to date with official rules. Other important educational trends have been given ample space in this revision. Conspicuous is the increased use of skill games and lead-up games. The former train fundamental skills in handling balls, clubs, bats, rackets, and other implements of play...


  • Dewey Decimal: 790

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  • Physical Description: 5.5"x8.6"x1.7"; 1.7 lb; 692 pages
  • Edition Info: Paperback; 2007-03-15


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