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Publisher: Listening Library
ISBN10: 0807275751 ISBN13: 9780807275757 Edition: Audio Cassette; 2000-03-14


Read by a full castTwo cassettes / 2 hours 57 mins.The Holt was a forest haven for persecuted elves, until it was invaded and destroyed. Now a small but gallant band of Wolfriders must search the world for a place not contaminated by humans--a place where legends say other elves live in peace and safety. If it's not already too late..."From their hiding place behind the bushes, Cutter and Skywise winced in horror. "Cutter, those skulls" came Skywise's mental question."Don't worry," said Cutter aloud. "Redlance's won't hang among them. I swear it!"Skywise gulped. To rescue Redlance meant fighting the humans. He could think of many other things he'd rather do..." "ELFQUEST" started as a comic about elves, but over time it took on a life and will of its own. It has grown into a series of full-length novels, and eventually will be seen as a feature film.

Book Details

  • Physical Description: 4.4"x7.0"x0.8"; 0.3 lb
  • Edition Info: Audio Cassette; 2000-03-14


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