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ISBN10: 079237102X ISBN13: 9780792371021 LCC: QP519.9 Edition: (alk. paper)


Includes bibliographical references and index. Sect. I. Advances in MAS Techniques for Non-Aligned Systems. Using symmetry to design pulse sequences in solid-state NMR / Andreas Brinkmann, Marina Carravetta and Xin Zhao / [et al.]. Accurate [superscript 13]C-[superscript 15]N Distance Measurements in Uniformly [superscript 13]C,[superscript 15]N-Labeled Peptides / C. P. Jaroniec, B. A. Tounge and J. Herzfeld / [et al.]. Selectivity of Double-Quantum Filtered Rotational-Resonance Experiments on Larger-than-Two-Spin Systems / Matthias Bechmann, Xavier Helluy and Angelika Sebald. Multiple-quantum spectroscopy of fully labeled polypeptides under MAS: A statistical and experimental analysis / Sorin Luca, Dmitri V. Filippov and Brigitta Angerstein / [et al.] -- Sect. II. Advances in Techniques for Aligned Systems. [superscript 2]H, [superscript 15]N and [superscript 31]P solid-state NMR spectroscopy of polypeptides reconstituted into oriented phospholipid membranes / Burkhard Bechinger, Christopher Aisenbrey and Christina Sizun / [et al.]. From Topology to High Resolution Membrane Protein Structures / T. A. Cross, S. Kim and J. Wang / [et al.]. Toward dipolar recoupling in macroscopically ordered samples of membrane proteins rotating at the magic angle / Clemens Glaubitz, Marina Carravetta and Mattias Eden / [et al.]. Solid state [superscript 19]F-NMR of biomembranes / Stephan L. Grage, Jesus Salgado and Ulrich Durr / [et al.] -- Sect. III. Important Technologies. Numerical simulations for experiment design and extraction of structural parameters in biological solid-state NMR spectroscopy / Mads Bak, Robert Schultz and Niels Chr. Nielsen. An ab-initio molecular dynamics modeling of the primary photochemical event in vision / Francesco Buda, Sylvia I. E. Touw and Huub J. M. de Groot. Refolded G protein-coupled receptors from E. coli inclusion bodies / Hans Kiefer, Klaus Maier and Reiner Vogel. Semliki Forest virus vectors: versatile tools for efficient large-scale expression of membrane receptors / Kenneth Lundstrom. G protein-coupled receptor expression in Halobacterium salinarum / Ann M. Winter-Vann, Lynell Martinez and Cynthia Bartus / [et al.]. Magnetic resonance microscopy for studying the development of chicken and mouse embryos / Robert E. Poelmann, Bianca Hogers and Huub J. M. de Groot / [et al.] -- Sect. IV. Applications in Membrane Proteins and Peptides. MAS NMR on a uniformly [[superscript 13]C, [superscript 15]N] labeled LH2 light-harvesting complex from Rhodopseudomonas acidophila 10050 at ultra-high magnetic fields / T. A. Egorova-Zachernyuk, J. Hollander and N. Fraser / [et al.]. Determination of Torsion Angles in Membrane Proteins / J. C. Lansing, M. Mohwy and C. P. Jaroniec / [et al.]. Characterization and assignment of uniformly labeled NT(8-13) at the agonist binding site of the G-protein coupled neurotensin receptor / P. T. F. Williamson, S. Bains and C. Chung / [et al.]. Structural insight into the interaction of amyloid-[beta] peptide with biological membranes by solid state NMR / Gerhard Grobner, Clemens Glaubitz and Philip T. F. Williamson / [et al.]. Photochemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization in bacterial photosynthetic reaction centres observed by [superscript 13]C solid-state NMR / Jorg Matysik / Alia / Peter Gast and Johan Lugtenburg / [et al.]


  • LCC: QP519.9

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  • Language: eng
  • Physical Description: xi, 233 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • Edition Info: (alk. paper)


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