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Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN10: 0444888624 ISBN13: 9780444888624 LCC: QP517 Edition: (acid-free paper)


Proceedings of an international conference held Sept. 19-21, 1990, at ZIF, Zentrum f�r Interdisziplin�re Forschung, Universit�t Bielefeld, Germany. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Mechanisms of Electron Transfer / R. D. Cannon -- Electron Transfer Effect in Chemical Compounds / B. Jezowska-Trzebiatowska and W. Wojciechowski -- Light Induced Electron Transfer of Metal Complexes / A. Vogler and H. Kunkely -- Coordinative Aspects of Single Electron Exchange between Main Group or Transition Metal Compounds and Unsaturated Organic Substrates / W. Kaim -- Electron Hopping and Delocalization in Mixed-Valence Metal-Oxygen Clusters / H. So and M. T. Pope -- Electron Transfer in Semiconducting Colloids and Membranes, Applications in Artificial Photosynthesis / M. Gratzel -- Electron Transfer in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers / Ch. C. Moser, J. M. Keske, K. Warncke and P. L. Dutton -- Exchange Interaction in Electron Transfer Proteins and their Model Compounds / W. Haase and S. Gehring -- Multi-Electron Transfer Processes in Nitrogen Fixation and other Natural Systems / D. J. Lowe -- Electron Transfer in Anaerobic Microorganisms / A. Kroger, C. Kortner, F. Lauterbach, F. Drass, M. Bokranz, O. Klimmek, T. Krafft and M. Gutmann -- The Importance of Inhibitors as an Analytic Tool for the Study of the Quinol Oxidation Centre and the Quinol Oxidase Reaction / G. von Jagow and U. Brandt -- Electron and Proton Transfer through the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain / T. A. Link -- Coupled Proton and Electron Transfer Pathways in the Acceptor Quinone Complex of Reaction Centers from Rhodobacter Sphaeroides / E. Takahashi, P. Maroti and C. A. Wraight -- The Water Oxidizing Enzyme - An Alternative Model / E. K. Pistorius -- Proton Pumps, Proton Flow and Proton ATP Synthases in Photosynthesis of Green Plants / W. Junge, G. Althoff, P. Jahns, S. Engelbrecht, H. Lill and G. Schonknecht -- Diffusion of Proton in Microscopic Space: Effect of Geometric Constraints and Dielectric Discontinuities / M. Gutman, E. Shimoni and Y. Tsfadia -- Protonation of the Schiff Base Chromophore in Rhodopsins / C. Sandorfy -- Proton Transfer along the Hydrogen Bridge in Some Hydrogen-Bonded Molecular Complexes / H. Ratajczak -- Hydrogen-Bonded Systems with Large Proton Polarizability due to Collective Proton Motion as Pathways of Protons in Biological Systems / G. Zundel -- NMR Studies of Multiple Proton and Deuteron Transfers in Liquids, Crystals and Organic Glasses / H.-H. Limbach -- Proton Transfer Reactions in Solutions: A Molecular Approach / D. Borgis -- Recent Developments in Solitonic Model of Proton Transfer in Quasi-One-Dimensional Infinite Hydrogen-Bonded Systems / E. Kryachko.


  • LCC: QP517

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  • Language: eng
  • Physical Description: xvi, 394 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • Edition Info: (acid-free paper)


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